Applying for Licences and Permits

The Online Business Licensing Service (OBLS) is a service you can use to apply for your licences and permits. From a single website, you can manage multiple licences and permits. You no longer need to wait in line or go from agency to agency.

Will I be able to apply for all licences & permits on OBLS?
What do I need before applying?
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How to find licences and permits?
How to apply for licences and permits?


For general enquiries on Business Licensing, you may contact our
friendly Customer Service Officers at Tel 68981595.

We operate from Mon - Fri during office hours (8.30am to 5.30pm).
We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, and Public Holidays.
Our operations may be closed on selected Public Holiday Eves and corporate events.

List of licensing agencies' contact numbers

If you have specific queries (which are not addressed under the FAQs) such as licensing policies, status of the licence approval and clarifications on the licence submission, you can contact the respective Government agencies directly:

Agency Name Contact Person Contact Number
Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) BizFile HelpDesk 6248 6028
Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA)

Licence for Import, Export and Transhipment of Meat Products and Fish Products
Mr Li Lu
Mr Lai Fah Choong
Mr Thomas Lee
Mr Koh Cheng Liat

Licence for Import and Transhipment of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Mr Li Lu
Mrs Koh-Ho She Luan

Registration to Import Processed Food Products and Food Appliances
Mr Lim Tiong Peng
Mrs Koh-Ho She Luan

Licence to Operate a Food Processing Establishment (Excluding Meat and Fish)
Mr Oh Kang Leng Dave
Ms Wendy Lim
Mr Ng Eng Siong
Ms Ser Xiujie

Licence to Operate a Meat or Fish Processing Establishment or Cold store / Licence to Operate a Slaughter-house
Mr Oh Kang Leng Dave
Ms Wendy Lim
Ms Ser Xiujie

Licence to Import or Export Ornamental Fish
Mr Lester Lee
Mr Khoo Lim Teo

Licence to Import Domestic Birds/Table Eggs/Sheep & Goats
Animal, Meat & Seafood Regulatory Branch 62270670

Pet Shop Licence / Animal Exhibition Licence
Ms Pearlyn Yap/Ms Png Sher Wei
Ms Goh Jianing
Mr. Alvin Wee Shi Zhao
6471 7215
6471 9096
6471 9996

Registration of Food Storage Warehouse
Ms Ng Hui Fen/Ms Rosnadia Bte Mahfudz
Ms Ng Hooi Beng Angie
Central Provident Fund Board (CPF) Collections & Recovery Division 1800-226 3877
Council for Private Education (CPE) Private School Registration
Mr Law Shuang Jie
Mr Renny Lee

6499 0310
6499 0313
Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) Child Care Centre Licence 6258 5812
Housing Development Board (HDB) For Commercial Properties Inquiry
For HDB Flats Inquiry
Health Sciences Authority (HSA) Tobacco Regulation Branch 6684 2031/2032
Hotels Licensing Board (HLB) HLB Secretariat 6736 6622
International Enterprise Singapore Board (IE Singapore) Rice Control Unit
Ms Indriyanti (Rubber)
1800 4377673 (Rice)
6433 4793 (Rubber)
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) Licensing Administrative Office 6211 1950 (Dealers)

6211 1959 (Experimental / Localised Radio-communication Station)

6211 1936 (Localised Radio-communication Station / Localised Private Network)

6211 1734 (Satellite Communication Station)

6211 1945 (Wide-area Private Network)

6211 1935 (Wiring Contractor)

6211 1958 (Services-Based Operator)
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) Enforcement Division (Cess) 6351 3647/49/50
Media Development Authority (MDA) Licensing Services (Films and Publications) 1800 478 5478
Ministry of Education (MOE) Customer Service Executives 6872-2220
Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Employment Agency Licensing Branch
Occupational Safety and Health Division
6438 5122
National Environment Agency (NEA) National Environment Agency Call Centre 1800-2255 632 (Tel)
6690 6526 (Fax)
National Environment Agency (NEA) Centre for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Science 6731 9309/9544
Public Utilities Board (PUB) Water Reclamation (Plants) Department
Lim Ee Tam
Fang Sain Piaw
Chee Kian Heng
Chan Ling Li

Registry of Moneylenders Registry of Moneylenders 6325 1439
Registry of Pawnbrokers Registry of Pawnbrokers 6325 1439
Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) Petroleum & Flammable Materials Storage and Transportation Licensing Section (FSSD) 6848-1428 / 1429 / 1432 / 1442
Singapore Customs (SC) Trader Registration for a Central Registration (CR) Number
Registration of Exporter of Singapore-origin Textiles and Apparel Products to the USA
6355 2000
Singapore Police Force (SPF) Police Licensing & Regulatory Department
a. Public Entertainment & Liquor Licence
b. General Licensing
c. Arms & Explosives
d. Private Security Industry
6835 0000
Singapore Tourism Board (STB) Travel Agent Licensing 6736 6622
Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Development Control Enquiry Line

For Conservation Buildings' Change Of Use
6223 4811

1800-6329 3355

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